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Weekends in Mililani are soooo much better! Thank you Just Tacos!!! See you Saturday. Viva la 80s! Allison Knight
I loved the NEW YORK steak! Grilled to perfection- you guys by far have the best Mexican Food in Hawaii!!! Drinks are excellent- “especialmente the Carlitos Way!” Anonimo
Came by on Hip Hop and Salsa nites. Awesome place to hang out with friends and have fun. Both nites were hot including your new bartendar Elise! WoW! she can make me my margaritas anytime! But next time Ill take it in that dimple!! Bobby
The best food I've had away from home. Cholos will never see me again!!! Brianna Johnson
I love your 60oz margaritas..its the best!!!! Thank you Fran
The Molcajeta was fabulous! Also fabulous was the tequila collection!! But most especially the 2 female bartendars who tended to my every need…Hola! Como estas Jamie and Miss Elle!! They both bring sunshine and beauty into the place!! Frank Jr.
80s Nihtz rock bro!!! Jager Bombs!!!! Kainoa Brown
Este lugar esta con madre….la comida esta rica y la selecion de tequila pos hasta mas con madre. Siempre que voy los sabados me doy unas pedas a poca madre. THIS PLACE IS THE (censored). Luciano
Just Tacos has the best food and nightlife on the entire west side. See for yourself. Sunny Zezulak